Lightning the load

loading crane and side view

Well ,it’s been decided to rebuilt my Randolph Maine modules that are part of the Sn2 Crew fre-mo group. While the old modules look great, [see my column in 1:64 modeling guide and Lee Raineys article in the fall/winter 2012 Sn3 Modeler]the fact of the matter is they weigh a ton. I also did a lousy job on cutting the gaps in several of the turnouts before I started doing it the Fast Tracks way with a coping saw. Frank Knight of the Sn2 Crew has devolped a light weight system that has the strength needed for modules while still being rugged enough to handle the rigors encounted from being hauled around the country. My goal is to have the new modules ready for the Amherst Show setup in January in  West Springfield Mass. Stay tuned for more updates as work progresses. In the meantime heres some shots of the coal dock for your perusal.


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1:64 scale bonus article

whitewash effect

example of whitewash effect with ground in soot and dirt

Lot’s of things are going on these days. I would like to start out by telling everyone to check out my e-article on The 1:64 Modeling Guide’s webite. I have had so many people ask me how I achieved the finish on my structures that I decided to share my methods. Check it out at and then look for the bonus section.

      Work is progreessing on my Sn2 Crew modules featuring the Kennebec Central’s terminal at Randolph Maine during the era just before it’s shut down in 1928. The Kennebec Central is a great subject for modeling with a unique depot and auxillary buildings. It’s small roster of equipment means that you model any era and replicate it’s operation from any era.

   8 & sand

  Gary Carmichael aka knucklepin

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Kennebec Central coal dock

I am currently drawing up working plans in s scale for the coal dock that was located in Randolph Maine,used by the Kennebec Central to unload coal for the old soldiers home in Togas Maine. new drawings will be posted shortly on my interruptation of this structure.

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KnucklePin’s,railroading spoken here

Hi, I hope to cover my various railroading and modeling experiences in this blog. I was a railroader by trade,working as a trainman, engineer, and yardmaster over the last 40 or so years. Although I’m recently retired,I still keep in touch with many people still in the industry. From time to time we’ll also offer a variety of memorabilia , excess books and railroad manuals that I have accumulated over the years. Hope you enjoy your visit here.

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  Gary Carmichael aka Knucklepin

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